Study Groups

Self-Directed Study Groups 

Self-directed study groups can produce strategic results with fewer resources than other study group models.

Key Concepts

  • Place of Work - Business Analyst can raise awareness within their company and organize to meet with peers. The advantage of workplace-oriented study groups is that participants are usually co-located and have access to company facilities.
  • Unaffiliated Groups - Small groups of unaffiliated business analysts can get together at their own convenience. Business Analyst can organize in separate geographic areas, or different day of the week to satisfy individual needs.
  • Utilize study guide materials that are readily available from IIBA™.
  • Central Indiana representative serves as a vital link for initial start-up and guidance.

Chapter Support

  • Facilitates kick-off meeting
  • Assigns advisor to each study group
  • Retains records for study group
  • Provides access to study guide materials

Study Materials

The course is based on the BABOK version 2.0 and is broken down by knowledge area.


The course is open to members of the Central Indiana Chapter of IIBA.