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geico_information_technology_logo_-_stacked_geico_blue_002.pngWho they are:  You know GEICO for our insurance and great commercials, but do you know that we are a leader in the technology space too?  Our IT Center of Excellence, here in Indianapolis, is really at the center of it all.  We are dedicated to making sure we are on the bleeding edge of the newest technologies. Think of us as a new start up with a consulting mindset serving as the backbone to a huge company at the top of our game. Our state of the art innovation center is dedicated to developing software that will help us reimagine how people think about insurance.  We are actively growing our Center of Excellence and looking for talented professionals with a desire to be the best to join our team.



Modern Requirements, headquartered in Toronto Canada, is recognized worldwide for its product, Modern Requirements4DevOps. Uniquely built into Microsoft Azure DevOps server (TFS) or service (VSTS) as an extension, it reduces cycle time and improves time to value delivery, by providing users with complete traceability, ingenious process automamtion, compliance reporting, and visualization support.

It allows users to define and analyze just the right amount of requirements, in collaboration with their ALM, DevOps, or product development teams. Agile, hybrid and structured requirements teams have consistently reported completing their projects in half the time, reducing development rework, streamlining regulatory compliance and improving project quality. Consistently ranked at the top of most independent requirements tools rankings, Modern Requirements4DevOps is made available by Microsoft, as part of Visual Studio Enterprise; and is being used by thousands of large, prestiguos organizations worldwide.