Central Indiana Chapter of the IIBA™ Governance

The Central Indiana Chapter is governed by a Board of Directors.

Position Descriptions


The President is the chief executive officer for the Chapter and the Board, and performs duties that are customary for presiding officers, including making all required appointments with the approval of the Board. The President also serves as a member ex officio with the rights to vote on all committees.


The Secretary keeps all the records of all business meetings of the Chapter and meetings of the Board. The Secretary is also responsible for all official correspondence with the members and the IIBA, except for committee correspondence.


The Treasurer is responsible for the management of funds for duly authorized purposes of the Chapter. The Treasurer is responsible to the Board of Directors and will submit the books for audit each year.

Vice President Marketing and Communication

The Vice President is responsible for managing and coordinating all marketing and communications for promotional activities for the chapter.

Vice President Education and Professional Development

The Vice President is responsible for promoting Business Analysis Professionalism through the organization and delivery of educational publications, seminars, and informational updates, including changes to the BA Body of Knowledge to help Business Analysts in the Business Analysis profession.

Vice President Membership

This position is responsible for the development and maintenance of a chapter membership plan that assures industry diversity and continued growth through aggressive recruiting and partnering with major area employers.